The Essence of Analog Emotion

All elements of his photography are rooted in two core principles. Central to his work is the portrayal of humans, capturing their emotions, aspirations, dreams, and sometimes even their setbacks. It's the subtle nuances—a fleeting look, a slight hand movement—that convey profound emotions and engage the audience of the photograph. These subtle cues have an immense visual impact, and he always strives to capture them.

His choice is to shoot on analog film, allowing only 10 shots per roll, with no immediate preview of the captured image. Engaging with his subject requires curiosity, a genuine connection with the individual before his lens, complete trust in his instincts, and the ability to let go of preconceived notions.

The technical side of his craft complements this philosophy. By employing unconventional photographic methods, he introduces intentional imperfections such as light leaks or blurred sections, adding a layer of mystery to areas where one might expect clarity. This intentional ambiguity is accentuated by high-contrast analog printing techniques. After all, it's the unseen or barely visible details that truly intrigue and captivate viewers.

For art enthusiasts and budding photographers alike, the world of analog photography offers a unique journey into the intricate dance of emotion and technique. Dive deeper into this realm with us as we explore the nuances and artistry of film photography on:

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