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At Arthusiasm, we strive to invigorate the conventional narrative by infusing elements of curiosity, thrill, amusement, and more into conversations surrounding the ancient and contemporary history, philosophy, art, and artists, all presented by distinguished authors.

Launched in August 2022, our young journey has swiftly amassed an extensive worldwide readership. With the collaboration of more than 30 carefully selected scholars, both budding and seasoned, we are proud to celebrate achieving our goal of 10,000 monthly page views. Our audience chiefly originates from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and Australia, while emerging markets continue to display steady expansion.

Do you possess the finesse for Arthusiasm?

To grace our platform with your literary prowess, you must have a formal education in the subjects you explore (Bachelor of Arts, a Master's degree or student, or a PhD), be a researcher or academic affiliated with a university or research institution. Please note:  We now warmly welcome articles from art and history enthusiasts, as well as guest posts.

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• A dedicated Author's Profile page on Arthusiasm

• Full attribution for your literary creations

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