Alexa Agienko: Breathing New Life into Contemporary Art through Satire and Sociocultural Commentary

Alexa Agienko, a rising artist born in Slavutych, Ukraine in 1989, has cultivated a rich background in photography and media art. However, it was her childhood fascination for traditional painting that she returned to, invigorating it with her wealth of experience. Alexa's art is a fresh interpretation of 20th-century contemporary art, imbued with an awareness of today's cultural nuances, the omnipresent culture of consumption, and society's relentless quest for status.

One of Alexa's most critically acclaimed series, "Fake Rothko," embodies these themes with a biting satirical edge. Through this provocative series, she invites viewers to reflect on the place and purpose of art in a society deeply entangled in consumerism and status obsession.

Currently splitting her time between Kyiv and London, Alexa taps into the distinctive spirit of each city and their vibrant art scenes to fuel her creativity and artistic expression.

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