Björn Dahlem Something Secret about the Universe (I always wanted to tell you)

Galerie Guido W. Baudach is delighted to present its eighth solo exhibition featuring Björn Dahlem, titled Something Secret about the Universe (I always wanted to tell you). The Potsdam-based artist showcases an in situ spatial installation that integrates various new sculptures. Dahlem's work, since the late 1990s, delves into the connection between an aesthetic universe and scientific worldviews. His installations, sculptures, and objects are primarily crafted from simple materials, which he meticulously shapes into visibly handmade forms, often incorporating found objects.

The structural complexity of Dahlem's work stems from the intricate cosmological models and astrophysical theories that inspire his motifs. He employs subtle humor to connect scientific knowledge with everyday life aesthetics while questioning the suggestive power of scientific world constructs. His sculptures' fragility mirrors the fundamental relativity of these constructs.

The exhibition's title hints at revealing a cosmic secret, but the specific mystery of the universe it pertains to is inconsequential. Instead, Dahlem's artistic expression showcases its innate ability to visually represent the universe and astronomy's small and large enigmas. The artist emphasizes contradictions, inconsistencies, and hidden aspects, as well as the voids and gaps in the context of human knowledge creation. Simultaneously, he consistently makes allegorical connections to our daily lives and experiences.

In this regard, the universe and its exploration serve as proxies. Dahlem's sculptural images primarily address humanity, acting as an extended (self-)portrait reflecting all that we know and do not know about our extraterrestrial surroundings, the cosmos, and its governing principles.

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