Caffeine and Creativity: Antwerp's Cafes for Art Enthusiasts

Unearth the rich tapestry of Antwerp's coffee culture through our curated list of the city's cafes. In this guide, we venture beyond the foam-topped cups and delicate pastries to explore the unique stories and atmospheres these establishments offer. From specialty roasters such as Caffenation and Normo, bringing you the finest beans from around the world, to the cozy and stylish charm of Maurice Coffee Bar and the innovative approach of Tartoer Vespa Bar, these cafes provide more than just a caffeine fix. They serve as hubs of creativity and socialization, making them the perfect spots for art enthusiasts to find inspiration or unwind after a day of gallery hopping. So, join us on this flavorful journey and discover the taste, aroma, and artful ambiance of Antwerp's vibrant cafe scene.

  1. Caffenation - A specialty coffee roaster known for its great quality coffee. Website
  2. Normo - A micro-roastery and shop where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or buy some beans to take home. Website
  3. Kolonel Koffie - A popular cafe that prides itself on serving specialty coffee. Website
  4. Coffeelabs - Offers a variety of coffee and food options, and has a relaxing atmosphere. Website
  5. Maurice Coffee Bar - A stylish and cozy coffee bar located in the heart of Antwerp. Website
  6. Butchers Coffee - Known for its excellent coffee and breakfast menu. Website
  7. Tartoer Vespa Bar - An innovative and modern cafe that offers a unique experience for coffee lovers. Website
  8. Viggo's Coffee - A coffee bar that offers a wide variety of blends and single-origin coffee. Website
  9. Mokkakapot - An eccentric and cozy coffee bar with a unique and creative atmosphere. Website
  10. Black & Yellow Coffee Bar - A modern and trendy coffee bar that offers specialty coffee. Website

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