Discovering STIEGLITZ 19: A Contemporary Art Haven in Antwerp

Nestled in the heart of Antwerp, STIEGLITZ 19 stands as a beacon of contemporary art, showcasing the works of both emerging and established artists. This unique gallery has earned a reputation for its dedication to presenting innovative, thought-provoking exhibitions that captivate and inspire visitors. Today, we take a closer look at what makes STIEGLITZ 19 a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts in Antwerp.

Established in 2009 by Ronny Van de Velde, STIEGLITZ 19 is named after the renowned American photographer and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz, who played a pivotal role in promoting photography as a legitimate art form. The gallery's name not only pays tribute to this influential figure but also embodies its mission to champion and nurture artistic talent.

Located in a charming, renovated building, STIEGLITZ 19's welcoming space invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art. The gallery's exhibitions span various disciplines, including photography, painting, sculpture, and mixed media, ensuring a diverse and stimulating experience for art aficionados.

One of STIEGLITZ 19's most noteworthy features is its commitment to providing a platform for emerging artists. By exhibiting the works of talented newcomers alongside those of established creators, the gallery fosters an environment that nurtures creativity and growth. This approach not only supports the artists themselves but also offers visitors a glimpse into the future of the art world.

In addition to its regular exhibitions, STIEGLITZ 19 frequently hosts artist talks, workshops, and special events that further enrich the artistic community in Antwerp. These events provide an opportunity for visitors to engage with artists, learn about their creative processes, and even participate in hands-on activities.

STIEGLITZ 19's dedication to showcasing the best in contemporary art has cemented its position as a staple of Antwerp's vibrant art scene. Whether you're a seasoned collector or simply looking to explore the world of contemporary art, a visit to STIEGLITZ 19 is a must. With its ever-evolving roster of exhibitions and events, there's always something new and exciting to discover at this Antwerp gem.

current exhibition - Stieglitz 19
current exhibition - Stieglitz 19

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