Do you love dance, singing, theater, music, spoken word, fashion, visual arts, performance, film, fine arts, or anything in between? Fameus supports everyone who is passionately engaged in the arts during their free time in Antwerp and its districts.


Do you need advice for your art project? Are you looking to grow artistically, seeking projects to join, or wanting to connect with other artists? Fameus is here for both business and artistic guidance. We're happy to help.

Additionally, we can connect you with the network of arts in Antwerp's leisure scene.

Tailored advice and support


Are you up for an artistic challenge, interested in collaborating with other artists, or eager to reach a new audience? Fameus organizes artistic projects to spotlight artists from various disciplines. Artistic talent development, networking, collaboration with professional artists, and high visibility are our main focus.

Even those entirely new to the world of art are welcome!

Our projects


Are you launching an exciting project involving amateur artists? Need additional funds to execute it? You may be eligible for project funding through the Talent Development Fund. Fameus is here to help you go through the grant application process. We'll provide tips, review the budget, and discuss whether your project qualifies for a grant.

Grant opportunities


Fameus rents out various spaces. For a reasonable price, you can organize performances, showcase your talents to an audience, rehearse, or conduct workshops. These spaces are located in Zirkstraat, just a stone's throw from the Grote Markt.

Hall rental


For any questions, feel free to make an appointment or contact Fameus via email.

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Fameus zijn de warme armen van Antwerpen die kunst in de vrije tijd een plek geven door ruimte, ondersteuning en inspiratie aan te reiken.

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