IBASHO gallery

In Japanese, the term "IBASHO" signifies "a space where one can truly be oneself." Established in Antwerp in March 2015, the IBASHO gallery showcases a diverse range of fine art photography from Japan. This includes the works of renowned Japanese photographers, emerging contemporary artists, and Western photographers influenced by Japan. The gallery aims to highlight the multifaceted charm of Japanese photography, encompassing styles from raw and unrefined to minimalist and serene. Recognizing the importance of photo books in Japan's photography culture, IBASHO also offers both contemporary and rare Japanese photo books. Additionally, the gallery collaborates with Paris-based publisher the(M) éditions to produce its own photo book collection.


tolstraat 67
2000 antwerp


+32 (0)32162028

annemarie zethof
+32 (0)473139328

martijn van pieterson
+32 (0)473139329

IBASHO means ‘a place where you can be yourself’ in Japanese. IBASHO is a gallery in Antwerp that opened her doors in March 2015, showing fine art Japanese photography ranging from works by well-known Japanese photographers to younger contemporary Japanese artists as well as works from Western photo…

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