Max Neumann Journey

Max Neumann (*1949), a renowned German painter and draftsman, is a significant figure in the realm of German figuration. His enigmatic human figures, situated in mesmerizing pictorial environments, aim not to depict individual, subjective portrayals, but rather to embody a unique, symbolic human allegory. His characters, with their simultaneously unsettling and elegant silhouettes, transcend time and history, serving as representations of the human psyche.

Neumann's work is not centered around storytelling; instead, he explores the emotional aspects of humanity, confronting the viewer with their own desires, fears, obsessions, and fantasies. The formal composition of his paintings holds great significance, as it maintains a harmonious balance among all visual elements. His artistic language features crisp graphic and somewhat calligraphic qualities, layering dimensions of reality and invoking an ornamental play of shadows.

Max Neumann, Ohne Titel, 1995. Graphic print: carborundum drypoint on nettle, 108 x 208 cm. Courtesy LEVY Galerie and Max Neumann. Photo: © Hans-Georg Gaul

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