Must see movie: The Best Offer

Original title: La migliore offerta


In the fancy art and antique world, Virgil Oldman is an old, odd, and famous art expert. A young, lonely rich girl named Claire Ibbetson asks him to sell the art and antiques her parents left her. Claire never wants to be seen. Robert helps Oldman fix strange machine pieces from Claire's stuff and tells him how to be her friend and handle his feelings for her. Oldman's other friend, Billy Whistler, helps him get a secret collection of famous paintings.

My comment

At the end of the movie, I felt many strong feelings that left me speechless. Only the best movies can do that, and this is one of them! There's a lot to talk about, but this comment is too simple. If you like art, psychology, suspense, love stories, and life, you'll be surprised by this movie. The great characters and lots of art make it a must-see and different from Tornatore's other movies. Absolutely a must see!

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