The Dancing Bronzes of Multitalented Artist Tatiana Potapova

In this article, we focus on an extraordinary artist, Tatiana Potapova, who has found her calling in sculpturing after a 15-year career in international companies. Born in Moscow in 1977, Tatiana moved to Belgium at 18 and eventually found her way back to her childhood passion for sculpting. We invite you to discover the captivating world of her bronze sculptures that embody dreams, elegance, and lightness.

From Law and Management to Sculpture:

Tatiana Potapova arrived in Belgium to work as an au pair and eventually studied law and management. However, her love for sculpting never faded, and she decided to take up the art form again after a successful 15-year career in international companies.

Energy and Movement:

Tatiana is known for her infectious energy, which she infuses into her sculptures. Fascinated by the idea of incorporating movement into her creations, she masterfully captures moments of intensity and lightness with bronze. Her ultimate goal is to make her sculptures dance, jump, and play as if they were alive.

Inspiration and Childhood Dreams:

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Tatiana recreates her childhood dreams through her bronze sculptures. Her memories of figure skating, ballet, and gymnastics from her days in Moscow are reflected in her work. She admires the performers' ability to convey elegance and lightness through their movements, a feeling she strives to capture in her creations.

Atelier and Exhibitions:

Tatiana Potapova's atelier is located in the center of Tervuren, Belgium. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, art fairs, and galleries, and her monumental sculptures can be found in public places such as Montreux, Switzerland, and Tervuren, Belgium. She has received several awards, including the Prix du Public at the Montreux Biennale in 2021 and the Lasne Sculpture Biennale in 2020.

Tatiana Potapova's journey from law and management to the world of bronze sculptures is a testament to the power of passion and creativity. With her focus on capturing movement, elegance, and lightness in her sculptures, she continues enchanting art lovers worldwide. Keep an eye on this talented sculptor as her works continue to dance, jump, and play in the hearts and minds of her admirers.

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