Thomas Müller Zeichnungen

Müller's artistic realms are intricate, abstract visual symphonies that captivate the viewer. Engaging with his art, one experiences a contemporary, sensuous gaze that stimulates the senses. His compositions encompass a variety of forms, such as crystalline patterns, woven textures, wave-like structures, and two-dimensional floating designs, interspersed with delicate, ephemeral sketches. Architectural influences often underpin his use of form and color.

Müller masterfully navigates the interplay between line and surface, as well as structure and depth. His technique often melds a draftsmanship approach with painterly nuances. By employing an extensive array of techniques and materials, sometimes within a single work, Müller demonstrates his versatility as an artist. His latest creations feature a unique shellac ink, which allows for translucent, glossy, and sculptural effects.

Overall, Müller's oeuvre represents a continuous, forward-thinking investigation into the realm of drawing, unafraid to challenge its boundaries and limitations.

Thomas Müller, Ohne Titel 2022. Courtesy and Copyright: Thomas Müller, Photo: Frank Kleinbach, Stuttgart

Meierottostraße 1
10719 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 88711371

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